We believe in doing things differently!  Our advertisers are our partners, and we treat you as such.  We are proud of having the most talented and experienced marketing team in Huntsville, Conroe and Willis.  Our radio station provides a great opportunity for you and your company to get its message out to your audience. Whether it’s on-air, online, or through social media, we’d love to be of service.

You can feel confident that our team will develop the most creative and cost effective marketing campaign to drive sales for your business.   Advertising on our radio stations will extend your reach using the POWER of KHVL-AM 1490, KHVL 104.9 THE HITS, KHVL 94.1 THE HITS AND KSAM-FM 101.7.   There’s no better place to reach educated listeners, primarily adults 25-54, with above average income.  They’re not just a segment of our audience, they ARE our audience, and are passionate about music!

The Power of Radio

HEH Communications, LLC dominates our area with the best live and local radio entertainment available, with 4 top-rated radio stations.    KSAM-FM, KHVL-AM 1490, KHVL 104.9 THE HITS, & KHVL 94.1 THE HITS use the power of radio to connect more listeners to brands and businesses than any other media vehicle.

Radio Commercials

*92% of people in the United States listen to AM/FM radio one plus hour per day.

Return On Investment

**For advertisers, radio has also proven to be a prosperous medium, delivering a 10-To -1 ROI across major business verticals.


On-air radio sponsorships generate brand awareness through repetitive name association. Targeted. Highly Effective. Long Lasting.

Local Radio Programs

Radio’s core strength continues to be the power of words. Join us on one of our Local Radio Programs and share your brand’s story. Real. Authentic.


The power of LIVE on-location events are unrivaled. We bring our radio listeners to your events and make it an unforgettable experience. Fun. Live. Memorable.

Digital – Radio’s audience is diverse

With the evolution of traditional radio into streaming options like podcasts and digital broadcasts, radio advertising campaigns are a highly viable component to a brand’s media mix.  Radio is America’s No. 1 reach medium with more than 270 million weekly listeners. Radio’s audience isn’t just massive; it’s also diverse, reaching at least 94 percent of key age groups.  98% of Boomers,  97% of Gen X,  95% of Millennials,  94% of Teens

*Tech survey 2018 done by Jacobs Media of 65,000 people    

**Source: Nielsen, 2017


If you’re interested in learning more about what our station can offer, feel free to email our General Manager Dave Donahue at

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